Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF701T Now Available But Sold Out?

Oct 31, 2013 - 11:14 AM - by dgstorm

Back in September we shared a rumor that the Asus Transformer Pad TF701T would become available sometime in October. It turns out that is almost true. It looks like the new Tegra 4-powered super-tab from Asus just went up for sale from a third party retailer on Amazon called EXCaliber PC. However, it is also already sold out (at the time of this post).

It seems strange that it would sell out so quickly, but it is possible. Of course, it's also possible the retailer decided to announce the device a little before they actually got some in stock. Either way it appears the device will be coming very soon! Here's a refresh of the specs:
  • 10.1-inch 2560 x 1600 WQXGA IPS display
  • NVIDIA Tegra 4 quad-core processor
  • 2GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM
  • 32GB internal storage
  • 5MP/1.2MP cameras
  • Micro SD slot
  • Micro HDMI port
  • Miracast Wireless Display support
  • Optional keyboard dock w/battery and full-sized USB 3.0 port

It's important to note that the tablet is supposed to carry an MSRP of $450, but Amazon's third party retailer is selling it for a premium tag of $500. Hopefully other retailers will start getting the device soon and sell for the correct amount.

Source: Amazon
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Wall Street Journal Claims Google Now Smartwatch Close to Mass Production Already

Oct 29, 2013 - 11:03 AM - by dgstorm
Above is a Google smart-watch concept render found here.

For a while now smart-connected wearable computers have been garnering a great deal of media attention. Between the Google Glass project and the various smart-watches from Sony and Samsung, it is a burgeoning new market barely out of its infancy. Of course, if this new market is to grow and thrive, then new products must continuously push the envelope. If this latest report from the Wall Street Journal is any indication, we may see the next phase of the wearable computer rollout come very soon. Supposedly, Google is already nearing mass production on a new Google Now smart-watch. In fact, if the timeline they are suggesting is as accurate as their rumor, then we might see a Google Now connected smart-watch revealed in the first quarter of 2014.

According to the WSJ report, Google is working hard to address the two primary concerns/complaints with a wearable smart-watch, usefulness and battery life. Google is planning to address these issues head on by imbuing their smart-watch with far greater functionality and a deeper integration with Google Now services. Additionally, they have focused a great deal of development on increasing power efficiency for the device so that it can last several days on a charge. Here's a quote with more details,

The new device, which will run on Android, will be integrated with Google Now, the company's intelligent personal assistant that can answer questions, make recommendations and predict what information users need based on what they are doing, a person familiar with the situation said. Google has also been working to reduce power consumption on the smartwatch so it won't require frequent battery charges, the person said.

The smartwatch will be able to communicate with other devices such as a smartphone, and draw information such as travel schedules from a user's email through Google Now, the person said. The device could be ready for mass production within months, the person said.
Whether Google's smart-watch can fire on all cylinders and deliver a compelling experience will have to be judged once it really does come to market. Regardless, it certainly looks like the ball is rolling on the evolution of wearable computing devices, despite not taking off the way smartphones and tablets have.
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[Rumor] Primary Focus of Android 4.4 KitKat Could be Android TV

Oct 24, 2013 - 10:44 AM - by dgstorm

The above image is simply a mockup found on the web.

Here's an intriguing bit of intel this morning. We have a new report suggesting that Google's next OS, Android 4.4/KitKat could be designed as a bridge to facilitate Android TV and that will be its primary new focus. Not too long ago we reported that Google plans to close down Google TV and reinvent it as Android TV. This new report seems to confirm that and also shines a light on how Google plans to introduce it.

According to these rumors, the main enhancements we will see in KitKat will be geared toward Android TV. Here's a quote with more of the details,

According to the industry on October 23, Google will greatly increase compatibility with TV in the next Android OS. In particular, it will improve the interface with smart devices. It seems that Google has greatly improved the user interface (UI)/user experience (UX), which have been regarded as the limitations of the existing smart TV, and the app development environment for TV. ‘Android 4.4 KitKat,’ soon to be disclosed, is most likely to be the next OS.

A number of industry insiders said “I heard Google say ‘the next OS has greatly improved its utilization in TV. In particular, there will be many changes in the interface between smart devices and the TV.’”
In effect, Android 4.4 KitKat is a bridge between Android smartphones and Android TV, just like Honeycomb was the bridge between Android smartphones and Android tablets. What do you guys think if this turns out to be true?

Source: etnews
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New Swiftkey 4.3 Beta Available; Tons of Features & Merges Phone & Tablet Versions

Oct 17, 2013 - 4:47 PM - by dgstorm

Check this out! There is a new Swiftkey beta available. It's version number 4.3 and it comes with a huge host of new features. Furthermore, it now has merged the phone and tablet versions into one. The folks at have named this new version "Layouts for Living." This new version not only combines the two former apk's into one, it also includes a set of layouts to all screen sizes. You will also find a new "undock" feature which allows you to drag Swiftkey around the screen to wherever you want.

That's not all though. This new version also includes several new keyboard sizes, locations and layouts. Furthermore, you will also get three different keyboard modes which can be accessed in the quick-setting panel. This is the same place where you find the sizes and undock button. Here's a description of the different keyboard layouts:

Compact: On many larger phones it can be difficult to enter text and hold the phone with just one hand. This new feature reduces the width of the keyboard and allows for easier typing with one hand or gesture typing using SwiftKey Flow. It also frees up more of the screen estate on tablets. You can switch it from the left or right side of the screen by a long-press or by dragging.

Thumb: For those who like typing on tablets in landscape or wide phones, the keyboard can be split into two areas, enabling fast, comfortable typing with both thumbs. Undock it from the base of the screen for even more flexibility.

Full: The traditional full-width keyboard is still available and users with tablets can opt for a layout that is similar to the presentation of a physical keyboard. This layout has left and right cursor keys and the backspace is positioned above the enter key, making it easier to type with two hands when not holding your tablet.
If you want to learn more and/or pick up a beta key, just head to the links below!

Swiftkey blog: New beta out today - Layouts for Living
Swiftkey Beta 4.3 Download:
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Google Plans to Shutter GoogleTV and Transform it into AndroidTV

Oct 11, 2013 - 9:46 AM - by dgstorm

According to a new report from late last night, sources from an undisclosed electronics manufacturer shared that Google is planning to close down GoogleTV. However, they aren't killing it, rather, they plan to merge it with Android and rebrand it as AndroidTV. The intel even points out the process has already begun. Several of Google's channel partners on GoogleTV have recently released devices which are technically GoogleTV devices, but they are not calling them GoogleTV.

One example is Sony's newest BraviaTV device. Jamie Marsh, TV marketing manager for Sony Electronics, said the BraviaTV “brings the full power of Google services to your TV.” That's not all. Here's a quote with more of the details,

Sony isn’t alone with this kind of wording. Geneva, Switzerland-based chipset manufacturer STMicroelectronics announced support for Google TV products last month, but also refrained from using the brand in its announcement, instead saying that its new SDK “allows the development of Android-compliant devices and supports the latest Google services for TV.” And LG recently showed off some new devices at the IBC in Amsterdam that were described as Android devices with access to “the latest Google services for TV.”

Even members of the original Google TV team have started to drop that name when talking about their work. A recently-scheduled developer event in Seoul was officially called “Android TV Developer Day,” and some developers have started to change affiliations in their online biographies from “Google TV” to “Android TV.”
What's really exciting about this change isn't just in the branding. According to the intel, Google plans to actually merge the GoogleTV team with the Android team to not only solidify the branding, but also to help evolve GoogleTV up to the newest standards of Android. Right now, GoogleTV users have basically been stuck with Honeycomb, which is several generations and several years behind all the other Android devices in the world. There is further confirmation of this from LG who have indicated they will soon be upgrading their current GoogleTV devices to Android 4.3/Jelly Bean very soon. Additionally, Google themselves recently shared they plan to make it much easier for GoogleTV developers to upgrade their products to the upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat once it becomes available.

Finally, as an interesting bit of trivia. Supposedly, the primary reason Google renewed its focus on improving GoogleTV instead of letting it languish was because of the amazing and surprising success of the Google Chromecast. It helped them realize there is still a huge untapped market out there for the right product. Overall, if this info turns out to be accurate, this is welcome news indeed!

Source: GigaOM
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Several Android 4.4 KitKat Features & Pics Leak as Well as an Easter Egg

Oct 03, 2013 - 11:33 AM - by dgstorm

Here's a fun Android 4.4 KitKat leak for this morning! Not only have a host of pics hit the web for the new OS, but we also have a list of some of the new features, and we even already have an Easter Egg. First, here's a list of new stuff found within the OS:
  • NFC payments
  • Native printing built-in
  • Printing is now an option in the Gallery when editing pics
  • Save any image as a PDF or print directly to a wireless printer
  • Includes options such as paper size, color, black & white, orientation, etc.
  • The Gallery editor now includes extra options like Tilt-Shift, Center Focus, and Negative & Posterize effects
  • Can now find “Manage Wireless Plan” in the settings under Wireless & Networks
  • Animations a bit smoother
  • Icons in the notification area are now white

The Easter Egg occurs when you tap on “About Android” in the Settings. It brings up a large "K" along with a lime wedge. This is obviously a funny homage to the Key Lime Pie previous internal name of this version.

We only included the Easter Egg pic above, but have a random assortment of more here: Leaked Pics of Android 4.4 KitKat
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Square Enix Brings Classic 2D Final Fantasy V to the Google Play Store for $15.99

Sep 27, 2013 - 11:07 AM - by dgstorm

Although it's a bit on the pricey side for an Android game at $15.99, for fans of the JRPG genre, this classic 2D game will be worth the price of admission. Square Enix just ported the iOS version of their classic Final Fantasy 5 over to Android. You can now pick it up in the Google Play Store in all its 2D glory.

That's not exactly accurate... In fact, the game should have a bit more "glory" this time around. According to the video trailer above, there have been quite a few refinements and improvements. Yes, it is still 2D, but they have supposedly optimized the UI to match a touch-screen interface, and the graphics are also enhanced/tweaked to match as well. That's not all. Several new features have been added including some new character jobs (classes). Other than that, the same combat and storyline are all present.

Whether you just want to relive a little bit of your gaming past, or you want to check out how good some of the older classic games could be "back-in-the-day," the price seems worth it. What do you guys think?

Source: Google Play Store - Final Fantasy V from Square Enix
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