September 13, 2016 – KB3189866 (OS Build 14393.187)

Addressed issue causing devices to not recognize a Secure Digital (SD) card if it is inserted and removed multiple times.

September 13, 2016 – KB3185614 (OS Build 10586.589)
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September 13, 2016 – KB3185611 (OS Build 10240.17113)
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Just wanted to give a heads up for people suffering from Micro SD issues on Windows 10

I'm currently running the latest build 14393.187 on my T100HA, and I was previously running in to problems with my mSDXC. I have a SanDisk ExPro 64GB, and it would cause the issues everyone seems to be having in the MicroSD Thread.

I have a small fix that I was testing before this update was released, and I was using devcon.exe to restart the device.

I've run a couple of tests with it now, and it seems to have fixed the problem. I have devcon restart my "device"(MicroSD) on Start-Up. When Windows logs in, and I go to This PC, the card is recognized, and Windows gives a toast.
When I disable the script I have, the SD card fails to be seen.

I have also experimented with restarting the Storage controller, and also SD host adapter and it had a similar behaviour. I also noticed that the "Sensors": HID Advanced Sensor Collection v2 with Microsoft drivers has an error during shutdown and startup when the SD cards are connected. I haven't checked if this has been fixed since the update.

Using devcon.exe, I tried disabling the main drive as both the SD and the Main driver are on the same ACPI.... good news, it won't let you do it. I still wouldn't want to take any chances of having some sort of boot loop because of a typo.
The scripts I have run in


REG_SZ (String Value)

string: Name is whatever you want it to appear as in TaskManager>>Start-Up
value: is the code
C:\Windows\system32\devcon.exe restart @ACPI\80860F14\3
********** Important **********
80860F14 is the Intel board, 3 is where my SD card sits, 1 is the Main drive.

C:\Windows\system32\devcon.exe restart @SD\*DISK*Micro SD Card name found in Device Manager*
Example my Registry entry has
C:\Windows\system32\devcon.exe restart @SD\*DISK*SP64G*
You'll also need to get your hands on devcon.exe which is the Device Console that is packaged in the Windows Driver Development Kit.
x86: Download, extract the file “fil5a9177f816435063f779ebbbd2c1a1d2”, and rename it to “devcon.exe”. (download size: 7.73 MB)
amd64: Download, extract the file “filbad6e2cce5ebc45a401e19c613d0a28f”, and rename it to “devcon.exe”. (download size: 7.29 MB)
This saves you from having to download the entire WDDK.

I threw the wildcards in so I can use any SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro without having to write another script for the different disk name. Using the ACPI restart also makes it a generic script for any card, but I wanted to make sure I just got the card, and not anything like the main drive.

If this is completely dangerous, someone let me know, because I'm just a newbie student learning things.