Ive seen a few threads about not being able to load drivers after a clean install.

I did a quick search on the forum for keyword "Shift+F10" and couldnt find anything. But I may have missed one because Im using a mobile phone to post.

Heres a quick method I use to get main drivers installed before the OOBE boots the first time:

You'll need to unpack all your drivers to a *.inf and then put them in a folder on the USB.

You'll need to add a file called "ei.cfg" to the "sources" folder on the USB, and this is what needs to be written in that file:excluding quotation marks


Then, boot from USB.

When you get to the "Select Language" menu, dont Click install yet, press


Now you'll have a CMD prompt.
It should be loading the PE from USB
And your default sbould read

X:\ drive

From here you can diskpart clean all of your selected system disk, then once you do that you can finish the language, region and keyboard menu, and you'll be taken to the
"EXPRESS" OR "CUSTOM" install menu.

Select CUSTOM.

That should take you to another menu to select which disk drive you want to install to.
You should see your newly cleaned drive there. Select it, but don't press next, pick "Load Drivers"


Then, Install.

Then Install OS.