I was able to reboot my TF201 using micro sd card. THANK YOU to this forum.

But now I am apparently having connection issues when I go to Play Store to download an app.

FYI, my home wifi is connected and working as I am retrieving email to my gmail acct.

Here is what I observe
1) When I touch Play Store icon, I get message "Server Error" with a retry button. Retrying several times does no good. Again, wifi is connected.
2) When I touch YouTube icon, I get message saying "There was a problem starting up. Check your network connection and system time"
3) When I go Settings:About Tablet:System Update:Check update I get a message "Internet connection erroror the server is busy. Please wait a moment and try again."
4) When I touch blue Browser icon, I get a message "Couldn't establish a secure connection"

It seems there is some connection issue but like I said my wifi is working as I am getting current Gmails in the gmail app on tablet.

Any ideas now what is wrong.

Thanks for help getting it started again but if I can't connect to Play Store and download Google Photos app it does me no good as a digital picture frame.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mike in Ocala