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    Asus TF201 try to repair. Does it worth?

    Hello. I need some help.
    I know this device is quite old but it is still usable.

    I have 2 identically TF201.
    One has the screen smashed badly. Bios battery is dead.
    The other one has the screen in good shape. Bios battery has 2.7V.

    I have the charger but not the usb cable.
    Both batteries were depleted. I charged them every cell using DC power source with CC/CV. So far so good.

    I connected the batteries but there is no sign of power on when pressing the power button.
    Both motherboards behave in the same way except the first one displays big black line on the middle of the screen.
    If there is power (15V DC soldered wires over the usb connector), the orange led blinks twice. Pressing the power button in this situation makes the orange led also blinks twice.

    If I activate the service switch (right side/top), connect 15V power, orange led turns on (charges the battery). When the charges completes, the led turns green.
    If I press the power button (more than 1-2s), the tablet vibrates and turns on with white screen. (with or without the 15V connected)
    After some time, the screen turns off (enters standby) but it turns on instantly power button press.
    If I connect the 15V power source, the green/orange led turns on and there is a "bing" sound (it seems some sort of "charging" sound)

    I checked the battery output (red, black wires):
    - in off state there is no voltage
    - if 15V DC is connected, it turns on 8.4V
    - if activate the service switch, it turns on 8.4V
    - press the power button does nothing (short press, long press, 10s press, 30s press)
    - pull to GND the wire next/right to the positive (red) battery wire, turn on the battery but powers off when disconnect it (it works like the service switch)
    Both batteries/motherboards behave the same way.

    I was about to buy a new battery and a cable to ensure the problem is not from there but if the issue lies somewhere else, the new battery and cable will be useless (money spent for nothing).
    I even found a used original very good looking/working dock keyboard at cheap price.

    Where could be the problem?
    It is hard to believe both motherboard/batteries have the same defect.
    Is it the display problem?
    Does it worth trying to repair the TF201? (make one working device from 2 sets)
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