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    My Prime is slower now than when I bought it a year ago

    My apologies if this has been addressed before, Iíve searched but canít find anything on it (which concerns me). But, is there any info about degrading speed / response time for the Prime? My Prime is slow to respond with various activities:
     Slow to respond to the Gyroscope Ė when turning the tablet, the responding view is very slow
     Slow to display icons Ė if I swipe the page or close an app, or take other actions, the icons / apps on all the screens take 5-10 seconds to display

    These are the primary symptoms Ė but in general, it just seems slower than it was when I first bought a year ago. Is there way for me to diagnose whatís causing it and a way to speed it up? I'm assuming everything from the quantity and quality of apps can slow it down, as well as any pictures and or videos I have on it. Would these factors be the primary cause or are there others?

    Thank you.

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    Being in the computer business I hear that all the time. It really is, at least in part, the number of apps but also the types of apps that tend to make it operate slower. Finding the active widgets and uninstalling any you don't use would help. A hard reset, (instructions below) would help. I found that the primary reason for those problems on my TF is the anti virus app. I have NOT found an anti virus app that won't affect the performance.

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    I've had my Prime about 13 months, granted I don't have alot of apps & widgets bug the life outta me...but it's running fine.
    I have AVG antivirus running, do a cold boot once a week & have performed 2 factory resets since I've owned it. First on the Jelly Bean update, another one a couple weeks ago trying to fix a Kingsoft Office issue.
    I'd try a factory reset (if you haven't done one).

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    If the Hard reset (cold boot) doesn't help, then you may have to do a full data wipe Factory Reset. My Infinity was doing the same thing, sluggish behavior and just didn't have the zip and performance when I first bought it. After trying hard resets it remained the same. But after wiping the tablet via Factory Reset all is well again. All my apps were waiting for me to be reinstalled at the Play Store and Amazon. I chose during setup that I would manually reinstall my apps a little at a time and not let them be reinstalled all at once. This has been a few months ago and my Infinity has been fine ever since. But if it should again become sluggish and poor performance I won't hesitate to Factory Reset it again. It's worth it.



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