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    Does "right click for context menus" exist on the Dock?

    I love my TF201 and have been working on increasing its usability for business productivity. One thing that has me completely stumped is how to get the context menus's to show up from a right mouse button click when using the Dock keyboard. I've tried "Asus customized settings", my USB mouse, the "Master-Help" guide all to no avail. Has anyone been successful in getting this to work? Is there an app on Google Play that will work?

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    Welcome to the forum. I see you have asked this question twice in two separate threads, That is against forum policy, it's called cross-posting. Since your other post is more descriptive and has the same title I am closing this one. The Guidelines of Conduct describe the forum rules. Be patient and you should get a response to your question without duplicating posts and threads. Thanks for your understanding.



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