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    3 questions newbie new prime

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a 1 week old TP, and have a few questions on the Prime which i could not find answers too in the forum so far.

    1. Can stream data wirelessly to my Prime from my router which has an external hard drive attached to it? If so, how?
    I use this system with my PS3, that way i do not have to have my main computer on all the time when i want to access this data by everything else. i guess it works like a NAS.

    2. I am having GPS issues, i have not been able to get a GPS location at all since new (location temporarily unavailable - or something along those lines. with clear view of sky, after waiting long periods of time), i have tried fluffing around with the gps and wifi settings but nothing. Somebody told me that later primes didnt come out with GPS hardware. Anyways wondering if its possible/worth taking it in because of faulty hardware (this idea scares me because of the amount of problems ppl seem to be having on these forums, dont want to be replaced with another prime with different problems)

    3. If i delete images from album, will it delete the image file?
    I transfered all the data from my thumbdrive to my prime, and now my album is filled with little thumnails and icons which i dont want there. If i remove them in the album will it delete the files from their locations?

    Other than that, im loving the Prime, and everything else works to my satisfaction.
    Thanks for the help guys,
    I have already been assisted with heaps from reading posts on this forum.

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    Sharing files from a drive attached to your router should work fine as long as you use the right program and if the router mounts it as a samba share (like a normal NAS).
    You can use ES File Explorer and connect it to the IP address of the router (or the one the router issues the drive).
    I have a D-Link DIR-825, and for me it doesnt work as the router relies on client side software to mount the drive.

    The GPS issue is something that a lot of Primes have. Mine didn't find anything after 2 hours outside on a table face up with clear skies while my HTC Sensation took about 30 secs to get 9 sat fixes.
    I went back to the store with it and they informed me it was a known issue. ACER has since removed the GPS spec from the overviews but the hardware is still in there.
    There are a lot of supposed fixes out there, but none have worked for me except strategically placing strips of tin foil to the back plate where the antennas are. It has improved both the wifi and gps. And I have hidden them under a cover so I dont look like a person who also bedazzles their tablet/phone.

    Deleting images from the gallery will indeed delete them from the drive. You can make other galleries by placing the images in separate folders though. They will show up as 'albums' on the start screen of your gallery app.



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