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    I know this is an old thread...

    I know this thread's a couple months old, but I was searching the interwebs for a solution to this sporadic problem, and just wanted to share my experiences.

    One day, I woke up my TF101 to find that it registered as connected, but did not have any connectivity at all. So naturally I just turned off wifi and turned it on again, only to find myself unable to connect to wifi period. I tried most of the suggestions, including resetting my router, forgetting and re-adding the connection to my router, etc., to no avail.

    I'm also using a WRT160N that's been flashed with DD-WRT, and I feel that this is worth pointing out because this custom firmware can sometimes be a little buggy. Given that this is the firmware I use, I'm no stranger to troubleshooting my router as the cause of my problems, so that's where I looked first after noodling with my TF's settings. I use WPA/WPA2 security and, like I said, tried everything possible on the tablet end. I finally fired up Wi-Fi Analytics on my TF101 to see just how many people were on my broadcast channel (I used Channel 6). While Channel 6 was fine according to WiFi Analytics I decided to change to Channel 4 for kicks. And just like that, my TF101 connected.

    I don't know if it was the channel or if it was just something in the router that reset itself when I changed channels, but I am always right next to my router, so signal strength is NEVER an issue. Having said that, it had to be something to do with the way my router was broadcasting versus the way my TF101 was reading the signal.

    TL;DR: Try changing your broadcast channel on your router even if it's not on a congested channel. Check using Wifi Analytics for the best channel.

    Just figured I'd make an account and share this because while I know that changing router broadcast channels was suggested, I almost didn't do it because my channel looked fine. Do it anyway.

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    Wifi network saved, but won't connect

    Quote Originally Posted by aliaz View Post
    How do you perform a "hard reset"? Is there a FAQ somewhere? I searched but all that comes up are ICS issues, but no instructions on how to do a hard reset.

    I am having the same issue. It says "Saved" but won't connect. We took it to Best Buy, and it connected to their network fine. All the other devices on my wireless network work fine. I have reset the router.

    I had the same problem, which just cropped up with my TF101. It suddenly listed the network as "saved" in the settings, but wouldn't connect. I simply unplugged the power from the router to reset it and voila, it connected! Simple fix, but frustrating trying to work with the tablet, alone.


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