Running 4.0.3 ICS on a Transformer Prime Model number TF201.

I am having a problem with my Audio when hooking my prime with a micro hdmi to hdmi to my Toshiba TV.
When I initially hook up the device, it runs perfectly, albeit in the 720p Native resolution, trying to figure that one out later.
Around the 40-45 minute mark the sound goes all grainy like its being played through a kazoo.

When I pick up the device and play around with it for a couple minutes the sound fixes itself and I can continue watching the movie.
I have tried it in High performance mode as well, I wasnt sure if the device is going into some kind of sleep/power save mode and I
still have the same problem. Tried with the stock player and MOBO player, these are just regular .avi files I'm watching.
I don't believe its the cable and I only have one TV, I will try it on a different TV later this week if I can.

Wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem or has any insight or ideas on my issue, Thanks.