I finally got my Transformer Prime and I'm starting to wonder if I should have kept the first Transformer but this ones mine now so I'll need some help leaning the device.

When I first turned it on and set it up w/my Gmail account, most of my apps loaded and I didn't notice the Prime came preloaded with an App Locker.

On my Droid phone I have an AVG Pro trial security app plus an app lock feature.

So I figured out there were 2 locks and finally deleted the Market app locker and factory reset the whole tablet. A screen was appearing underneath the keyboard that said "enter your passcode".
It was a phone keypad screen, not a qwerty or other screen keyboard so the option to put the symbol in my passcode wasn't available?

Even after the reset, this thing is back. To make sure I got rid of it, I also removed it from my phone so it wasn't in the market account. But it's back and I'm getting frustrated. I even removed the screen lock, disabled the Asus AppLocker yet I'm still getting this screen every few minutes?

Also, I'm getting ready to buy the keyboard/dock for the TF201 but despite the fact my item was sealed, brand new in the box, and clearly marked CHAMPAGNE, I swear it looks like a very light Silver color?

On my Champagne TF101, it most definitely looked like a light brown color. This one, not so easy to tell because the 101 had a texture on the back, this is solid, smooth metal.

Before I go across town to buy a keyboard or dock (not sure what it's actually called), is Ameythist Grey more of a darker color than Silver? Maybe they are so close in color, the keyboard color doesn't matter??

Would like your opinion as to the color. It's certainly a change from the 101 and Grey docks are impossible to find. My Prime is Champagne, I took what I could get

As always, Thanks!!