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    doesn't charge, the adapter charges another device, the usb cable works to connect it

    My be a software problem? I've restored the default system.
    Only not normal thing I've done before that is charge an iphone conneting it with is usb to the transformer's keyboard.
    I've tryed to find another situation like this reported in this forum but I've never found it. Sorry I'm not english, my be a problem of translation that I've never found a solution on the internet.
    Thank you!

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    1. Are you using a USB extension cable? If you are, try it without the extension.

    2. Try disconnecting, and reconnecting.

    3. The adapter is supposed to detect a Transformer at the other end. If there is a problem with the cable, or with the Transformer's port, it may not be able to detect, and so will only send out 5V instead of 15V. At 5V, the Transformer will recharge very slowly, and only when the screen is off.

    Can you try to recharge the Transformer and the keyboard separately, and see if any of them work?

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    Check the link in my signature about Power & Boot issues for a guide to help troubleshoot this.

    Sounds like it may be a bad cable if your charger block is working. As theimmc noted, do make sure you do not have any USB extension cables connected to the charger.

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