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    Ordered a used TF700T from Ebay, got delivered a TF201

    So, what should I do. I paid $175 for it, including keyboard, 32 GB, which is high for a TF201 (and even slightly high for a TF700T).

    At first I didn't realize what I had. It seemed a little slow, especially browsing. It was only when I connected it by bluetooth to my Dell laptop that I found out it was a TF201.

    I like it, except for the fact it is slow. I told the vendor I would be happy to keep it if they gave me a $75 refund (I figure it is worth $100).

    Now that I have experienced it, would I like the TF700T?

    Pros. I love the keyboard, I love the full USB port and I love the full SD card slot.

    Cons. It's slow, and the screen is not very good by modern standards. Will getting a TF700 fix that?

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    I would return it to the seller.
    Both of these tablets show their true potential only when unlocked and on a custom rom. The Prime on KatKiss is actually a pretty good tablet and so is the TF700 on one of the popular custom roms.
    The screen on the TF700 is much better than the Prime. Just that would be a good reason to return it.



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