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    After 730 hours of uptime, i noticed that...

    Or 30,5 days. Yeap, it is possible to keep it that long (at least for me, a person that shuts down his phone during sleep and restarts it couple of times during a day).
    Asus's task manager one-click Clean was used once/twice a day and advanced task manager's free memory ability, every time before launching a game.

    Here is the list!

    1) lags a little bit more than after power-on (cold reset or restart) when navigating through menus and desktops.
    2) still cannot lock gps signal (i expected that, it's like saying that a car can't honk....oh, no, wait, a car can )
    3) is impossible to stream 720p from youtube while listening it to bluetooth headphones. Streaming stops every ~10" (bluetooth off, it is possible, unobstructed(?) streaming)
    4) play services drain battery as hell! Even with ultra,super,extreme sleep, wifi stays on. Force stopping them, seems to -partially- fix the problem, since i still get 4-5% over 10 hours.
    5) lags TERRIBLY when surfing and task killing hasn't occured.
    6) is close to impossible using it when updating apps. At least, during that duration you can notice the beauty of its case. Or any marks on it.
    7)...unlocking takes 7-8 seconds : ~2 to press the power button, find out that its crappy design is not useful, and press it again from the correct angle with the right amount of force, 1 to power on screen, 1 to turn to portrait view (while holding it horizontally and locked in landscape mode ), 1 more to turn to landscape (correctly) and finally 2 more to accept your slide and fully unlock, providing itself at my disposal (if that's correct grammatically). This might take longer, if while unlocking it in portrait mode(mistakenly) while you are sliding to unlock, turns to landscape and you hit the camera unlock.
    It takes significantly less when it has been used the past minutes or hour.
    8)...the battery still lasts as long as before (expected).

    Not rooted, nor unlocked, 4.1.1 stock, as i don't like experimenting for as long as warranty exists.

    I'd happily accept grammar nazis' corrections.
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