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Thread: [SOLVED]TF201 tablet battery was not fully charging anymore

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    [SOLVED]TF201 tablet battery was not fully charging anymore

    G'day all. I've searched for similar posts in this forum but I fought valiantly through the limited search interface and couldn't immediately see anyone with the same issue as my Prime.

    Summary: my tablet-battery's full-charge capacity was slowly dropping over the weeks , now suddenly a power-cycle fixed it.

    A few weeks ago I started noticing that my TF201 Prime tablet-battery - either docked with the keyboard or not - would only charge to 74%, then stop as thought it was full. The little lightning bolt from the tablet-battery icon would lose the white lightning sprite.
    The dock-battery would continue charging fully - even spill-charging the tablet-battery as and when it should, but still only up to the new limited capacity.

    I'd remove the charger and plug it back in to both the tablet alone and the dock+tablet connected, and sometimes it would flash the tablet-battery charging sprite, sometimes it wouldn't, but eventually the tablet-battery lightning-bolt would disappear and settle as though it *was* fully charged. At ~70%. If I left it running off-charger and it dropped a little and then I plugged it back in, it would start charging again - and then stop again at ~70%.

    So a week later; it was ~50%. (so would correctly lose power off-charge, then on-charge it would go back up to the new ceiling of ~50%)
    A week after that; ~30%.
    This week; under 20%.

    I was like a kid knowing its first puppy was dying.
    I Googled like a mad-man and couldn't see anyone else with the exact issue. Others who said their issues were that their tablets weren't charging at *all* and their tablets were continually dying, citing the issues to be with the charging cable.
    But my cable charged the dock just fine. And as I said; plugged straight in to the tablet would charge it to the new limited capacity, but no further.

    So I was frantic but .. "powerless" (heh).

    So last night. I looked lovingly at 'Primey'. I remembered all the good times we had together (read: Angry Birds), all the bad times (read: websites that weren't mobile-responsive), and thought it might have been the end. Or best-case a "world-wide-warranty-wait".

    And then I realised I've had it 'on' and top-up recharging repeatedly for *ages*. For Possibly weeks on-end. I never power it down. The last time I would have power-cycled it would have been the last system update, which I couldn't recall.

    .. so I powered it down overnight.
    .. then back up just now.

    And now the tablet battery is 100%.

    WTH? I mean .. HUZZAH! .. but seriously WTH?
    Could software/system upgrade/memory usage affected the [perceived] battery capacity??

    Android Version: 4.1.1
    Touch Panel Version: MXT-2.0 build-170
    Kernel Version: 3.1.10-00002-g599d0cf android@Mercury)) #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Nov 22 20:12:01 CST 2012
    Build Number: JRO03C.WW_epad-
    Pad EC version: TF201-PAD-0215
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    Welcome, GeekMan.

    Good to hear your back at full power.

    I cold boot mine whenever anything is acting wonky. It fixes lot's of things.

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    Thank you! You have just saved my tablet!

    The exact same thing has been happening to me over the last month and I thought it was eventually going to kill it. The tablet was only recharging to 16% when I found your post - your advice worked a charm
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    That's great news, Mule. I‘ve added "SOLVED" to the thread title so others may know there was a solution found. Always a happy day when your sidekick is back in top form !



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