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    Battery drain in sleep mode increases after each firmware upgrade

    Initially, my tf201 consumed about 4-5% of the battery in sleep mode during a 24-hour period. After the first firmware upgrade, it increased to about 7%, with no new apps installed. Not ideal, but still tolerable. Yet, after the latest firmware upgrade to Android 4.1, the battery drain has increased to about 15% in sleep mode within 24 hours, again with no new apps installed.

    I have the Auto Airplane Mode app installed. Does anybody have the same experience like mine? From the Battery stat, it seems the tablet uses much much more battery juice in "Tablet Idle" state than before. Is it normal?
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    I have not seen the same thing with my Prime that you are seeing. I have installed a few apps that have caused that bu uninstalled them after determining it was an app issue. Is the AAM app the one by DON? You may want to do a hard reset, can't hurt. As a last resort do a factory reset and test it before allowing anything to install, (it requires that you not allow it to sync with Google during the setup).



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