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    Best way to lock an individual folder, allow locked flash drives access

    OK, I have a problem around confidential files. I travel with work docs and also like to lock down my personal content. My issue is that instead of having something to lock down complete apps I'd like to be able to just simply lock down and individual folder. I've tried a couple of locking apps, and currently use App Locker, but in doing so I have to lock down every single app which has access to the private folders, which is a pain. On top of that, every time I open individual items within the locked folder I have to do the password thing again. Sure, it's secure, which is the point, but it's so incredibly inefficient. Is there any way to lock down single folders within the HD file manager, or locking apps that discriminate between content within the app, instead of just locking down the entire app??

    Secondly, I also transport material on flash drives occasionally. The flash drive stuff is behind a secure password as well, and while I can access the flash drive in the tablet it won't let me open the drive so that I can type the password in and access the content. I'm using Verbatim Store N Go drives, if that helps.

    Thanks in advance for your help everybody.

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    There's a world of difference between hiding a file or folder and keeping data secure - security through obscurity is not really security at all.

    As for the OP's problem accessing data on secured flash drives - I'm not sure about the Verbatim Store N Go drives, but the various secure drives I've used in the past have all required a specific bit of software to be running on the host machine to access the secure area - which generally means Windows machines only.



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