Hello all, gotta question, could not help but bring it to this forum!.. This forum has become my number 1 resource when it comes to my TF201!! Here goes....
I have a TF201 GR (its really purple) Tablet and it works great...With that said, the stock install of Splashtop app works pretty well!..but in my reading I see that Splashtop 2 is due to come out soon
and is a free upgrade for those who have have it.

Splastop 2 Upgrade.jpg

(1) the stock/out of the box install of Splashtop is anyone know if this will be consider for the "free upgrade" ?

Also went to Google Play and noticed that you can of course purchase a couple different "flavors" of Splashtop some with the option of a free upgrade
I really like this app and see the potential of it...be nice to connect to your computer with out synching....ftping...etc
if I already have it I would love to take advantage of the free upgrade.