To get the optimal speed and problem-free connectivity, I normally connect my TF201 to the internet using a USB to Ethernet cable at work. There are already some unoccupied cables in my room, so there won't be any problem. But, some of you might have been experience this situation too, that many apps have not anticipated that android has such alternative way to the net instead of 3G and Wi-Fi.

So it happens. Some apps refuse to download files (which are actually huge), since the connection is not on Wi-Fi. Now, my room doesn't get a very strong Wi-Fi signal, and neither the capability of the Prime (in common I suppose). So my only way is to have another PC/laptop connected using cables, then making it as a hotspot Wi-Fi source, so that the app running in Prime becomes satisfied. Not difficult at all, especially after they "allow" TF201 to receive ad-hoc signals, but it's tricky.

So if anyone has a better solution to replace this complicated connectivity, I'm sure that our Primes will shine even more... at least for me . Either a "bridging" app or a simple connection scenario would be much appreciated.