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Thread: do i need antivirus??

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    All true. It's possible.
    But have you heard of someone who actually got "infected" by anything other than a bad app (pirated usually) where the user did not check permissions?
    I haven't....
    I know plenty of people who caught a virus or malware on Windows but none who got anything on an Android device....
    I still believe most of the "security alerts" are hype by AV companies selling product.
    If you don't engage in high risk behavior (porn sites, torrent, pirated content, sideloading apps from unknown sources) and check permissions before installing from the Play Store, you're safe enough without AV apps.
    Just my 2 cents.....

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    At the end of the day it is all down to someone's assessment of risk vs reward.

    Personally I am very risk averse, so I run AV protection - but I don't mind if folks don't - as long as they don't complain if & when they get a problem by downloading an app even from the Play Store.

    In my mind, the rewards of an extra level of protection when CM Security is free, regularly updated & has virtually no discernible effect that I can see (on our cheap Android phone for example) of a negative nature, then why not run it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by droidbound View Post
    But have you heard of someone who actually got "infected" by anything other than a bad app (pirated usually) where the user did not check permissions?
    I haven't....
    Yes, a Rootkit infection on my friend's laptop, which most A/V's would not have blocked. Got rid of it with Rogue Killer, but it was a POA to do. Never did find out how he got infected since he only uses it for eBay. He bought the laptop off eBay, so it could have been infected when he got it.

    Windows 8.1 does include Windows Defender.
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