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Thread: Asus Prime TF201 - Broke my LCD screen, what to do? :(

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    Posted the below in another post...see the thread Did you buy your Prime at Best Buy? If so, your in for a treat!
    Good Luck!

    Little different situation but i did get my Prime exchanged for a 700 out of warranty. A screw on the doc had somehow become unscrewed and cracked my screen. As usual, Asus tole me to F off and pay them to repair it. It took a little strong arming, but Best Buy did take my Prim back and exchange it for the 700. They didn't do it because of wifi though. I did mention that, but I was persistent and they agreed to exchange it ONLY if i got a warranty. So I got the accidental damage warranty since Asus could care less if there are at fault. I would have gone with something else, but the dock and specs for the price are just too good to beat compared to the competition.

    Good luck, its worth a try. If they wont play ball and your willing, offer to get a warranty with it, that may help. Warranties are big revenue for them and I have never had a problem with them IF I have a warranty.

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    OK to all of you that have a Transformer prime that has either a broken digitizer or cracked LCD..... ASUS will charge you $178 for the Digitizer/LCD part and 65 for the labor and will take up to 10days for the repair. I know this because my little girl was watching a movie on mine and it fell 2feet to the ground and a big spider formed on the touch screen. boy was I sick..... Sent it to asus and that was the info I got needless to say it didn't get fixed. I bought it from staples in Feb and was not offered the accidental damage warrenty so I got Screwed.

    AGAIN 178 for the parts and 65 for the labor if you send it to ASUS

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    I sent my TF201 in for a green camera issue and when I finely got it back I looked at the repair schedule and amongst other things they had replaced the whole screen assembly. They said it was due to an inaccurate digitizer but I had done very thorough tests before and it was perfectly OK. It seems on one hand they will replace stuff at the drop of a hat and the other hand they will fight to the end to avoid doing so. They had also replaced the IO board which has nothing to do with the camera as it runs down the left side of the TF. No explanation for that change.
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