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    Optimize use of Prime

    I've had my Prime for two weeks now and I think I'm getting my money's worth in terms of usage. But you can never be sure. I use it for the basic things like web surfing, the mindless games, and emails. I also use it heavily at work using: ezPDF, documents to go, remoting into my desktop, and setting to do tasks.

    So I'm curious to see what others use their Prime for. I'm sure there are some pretty creative uses out there.

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    Sounds to me like you have it all pretty much sewn up on your own. Good job!

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    I also use mine as a wireless remote for all my music on my laptop. I have my laptop connected to my receiver and can view all my music and control my playlist,etc... from across the room

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    Media streaming(Netflix, Pandora). Mobile access to your cloud files. Reading.
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    I use Kingsoft Office for all my document creation and my daily "creative write"

    I've just discovered SpringPad, and it is truly one of the best apps / programs I have come across in years - it lets you write various categories of notes, and the moment you have written them, they are visible on all your other devices with SpringPad on them, so for me, my iPhone and my main computer.

    As someone who has ridiculous amounts of notes, this is going to revolutionise my life. Apparently soon (they say Feb) they're bringing out a share functionality that will allow you to share specific notebooks with specific other people too.

    I get the impression it does everything that evernote does, but also makes it easier to categorise and localise. Anyway, that's my piece of enthusiasm for the day!

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    Like to save money?

    Even using it for Wifi Geolocation (since GPS may be difficult) can help save money in a multitude of apps. There are check in coupons for a number of stores/apps. Also you can use the barcode scanner to save money on books/videos/... It will tell you where you can buy them for less (even locally). You can also run apps that prompt you with coupons for your favorite locations.

    Gas Buddy is another way to save money (needs wifi). It will tell you where the best gas prices are for your location. I use this all the time to save hundreds of dollars per quarter (usually on my phone but have used it on my tab as well).
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