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    Question To Root or Not to Root? - that is the question

    Alrighty i have been playing with my prime and have noticed how much stuff you can do with a ROOTED tfp. so im covered by best buys black tie protection and i really want to root. buuuut ive read online that if i root i void my oh so expensive warranty :/. Please help? i really need straight answers no i think or maybe or just google it please i need some expertise on this issue. thanks for any help in advance.
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    I suggest you read the rooting sticky at the top of the Dev section of the forum then make up your own mind.

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    It is a personal decision. Here is a thread dedicated to rooting in general:

    Also, I have a link in my signature that I highly suggest you read about rooting.

    Beyond that, do a search for "Why Root" or "Rooting" on the forum and there are plenty of opinions. Keep in mind that ASUS has included the "App Backup" app so the need to back up apps is not a reason to root anymore.

    Please continue the discussion on one of the many other Prime Rooting threads.

    Thread closed.

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