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    Multiple replacement units? What color and memory config?

    I've been reading this forum since before the launch, and I've noticed a number of posts where people state that they are on their second (or third, or fourth) TF Prime unit due to return/replacement. Given the troubles that many people are having who are still trying to get their FIRST unit, I'm curious how this is possible. I got my 32 Gb Champagne from Amazon on Dec 30 and since then I haven't seen any suppliers who have had more in stock. My GPS won't lock to satellites at all and I have a very minor backlight bleed on the top-right corner in landscape mode, but I have no intention of returning yet since I know there won't be replacement stock for a while.

    Of all the people who've gotten replacement units, did any of you get Champagne? Or are these all Gray?

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    Well had my first prime on dec 22, i sold this on CL for what i paid for, i had issue on gps not locking, color was CG. Now i have my second one from best buy so far everything works no wifi, no screen bleed and gps locks tested while driving. Color gray

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    I am returning my first Prime that I just received this week from Office Depot ... it was clearly a refurb from Taipei! The battery was so dead it wouldn't even boot up until I charged it for 20 minutes and the showed 4% on the battery. Not cool ... There was also a smudge on the back that resembled a dried bugger and there isn't necessarily a dead pixel, but more a bright dot in the middle of the screen as if something like a ball point pen had pushed really hard on the screen. I've seen this before when I had to replace the screen on my Htc Evo.

    Again I would assume this Prime had been returned and quickly fixed and then sent back out ... Weak!

    I am also receiving one from Bestbuy Monday and I hope it is brand new and with no issues!!!

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    Well my third prime is arriving monday. The gray primes have been available at best buy at different points in time. As a matter of fact they are in stock right now. My first one had no sound, the second had screen defects, loose edges and significant scratches.

    The UPS Guy gets somewhat scared everytime he sees me, and waiting for the 8 hour charge is getting old for me. I really hope the third one will be the last.

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