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Thread: Office Depot Shipped New Prime with Very Low Serial Number

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    I think only the first 1000 or so were really problematic, those were the ones Asus delayed other countries for. Any others with problems are likely lemons just like with any other device.

    Mine is in the 8000 range and other than a small spot on left side of bezel that flexes I have no real problems that aren't caused by software.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drpoomanchu View Post
    Ive tried about everything poss. to correct the problem. i could see fixing one or two pixels but ten pixels.... i dont know if i should keep it even if i was able to fix em... seems to be pretty much a Lemon...
    I agree..10 dead pixels would annoy me to no end..if you can see
    yourself returning it to the store or RMA'ing to ASUS and don't mind waiting for a new one then go for it.

    Remember it could be a long time before you get your hands on another one.

    Then again the positive side is you might get the newer model which might be trouble free or have less problems.

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    I have a 84XX

    A few of these things I haven't really tested so can't give you a full list

    A) Wifi connectivity, strength and persistence - I actually thought I had a bad one until I tested on a different network. The range is somewhat limited, but I think this affects every Prime. I can get between 12-17 Mpbs up to ~20 ft from my router through a few walls. It drops off fairly quickly. Only an estimate but I was getting 3-4 Mbps from ~40-45 ft away through 3 walls. I know this is low just because my laptop at the same spot has no issues. Again, I think this may be a Prime issue and not a bad run issue.
    B) Screen quality (vibrant vs. washed out) - Not really sure what to look for on this. To me the screen looks great. I normally have it around 30-35% brightness. I'm not expecting to use it outside, so never tried that.
    C) Pixel issues (missing or stuck) - Zero stuck pixels for me.
    D) Squeaky frame - Not one bit.
    E) Battery life - Haven't really been able to test this at least not enough to give an hour estimate. I've fully charged it twice now. Both times lasted be ~2 days with using it ~2-4 hours each day.
    F) GPS - Not sure what issues there would be on this. I can get a signal, although I haven't taken it to use as a GPS yet though.
    G) Unresponsive Multi-touch zones and/or - Only app I played around where multitouch is useful is google maps. If there was a dead spot it was not obvious at all to me. Everything was very smooth with twisting the maps.
    H) anything else I missed - Light Bleed. I am of the believe that every tablet will have some light bleed. On my Prime it is extremely obvious only on the startup screen and I do really mean only. I played a few movies with black bars on the sides and really couldn't see any bleed. Basically during normal use, I am unable to see any bleeding. Maybe this has to do with my brightness setting, not sure. If I have to stare at the edges of the screen for a minute and then question if something is light bleed, I'm 100% certain it will never bother me in any use case. Again though, on the bootup screen(not the home screen, it is black with asus in the middle), I can see obvious bleeding on every single edge.
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