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Thread: 64GB Prime delay?

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    64GB Prime delay?

    Forgive me if this has been covered in another thread, but I've been looking and have not seen reference to it.

    I've seen several articles about the 64GB version of the Prime being delayed until Q2 (!) of 2012. Most of those articles were from the UK, so does anyone know if that delay also applies to North America? I have a 64GB pre-ordered at B&H (sigh) and am wondering if I should bail and get in on a 32GB Prime somewhere else sooner rather than later. I originally ordered a 64GB partially for the extra drive space and mostly to try and guess which model would be the most available at launch time. That didn't quite work out. I already asked the B&H guy if I could just switch my 64GB pre-order for a 32GB, with predictable results.

    I really don't want to wait until April. Are any sites still accepting pre-orders? If not, am I better off just waiting until Best Buy has them in store in January?

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    The few news reports I've read today are saying more shipments of 32GB version are coming in January, and 64GB versions after. I don't know about the Q2 part unless 32GB versions just aren't going to some countries until March. I am convinced now that no 64GB versions were shipped and are not planned on being shipped until late January. Looks like their first month or so of production is only 32 GB versions.

    Not clue how accurate any of that is, since Asus doesn't seem to do press statements often. All I do know is that I have yet to see ANY 64GB version shipped to anyone(review or otherwise).

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    yea it seems as though no one has received the 64gb versions. I personally bought a 64 gig version from tigerdirect on 11/30. Now I wish I had ordered the 32gig version. The only reason I went for 64gb is incase it will be possible to dual boot windows 8 later (unlikely), as I really don't need 32 gig for an android tablet. Most my google stuff is in the cloud and I would hardly use hard drive space. I've read several articles saying the 64gb versions will be delayed until q2, 6 months from now!!!!! If that's the case I will most certainly cancel my order and wait (I would like something with a 4g sim card slot)

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    Would you cancel your order based on one a site that didn't quote's that the rumored delay is for UK release ,and then watch others receive their 64Gb email confirmation today!
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