My business partner firmly drinks the koolaid. And it's funny (and aggravating) to argue this stuff with him. At the end of the day, the dedicated explain away the bad things and extol the good things. I tried Siri at a local store and found that, you know what? As someone who's been using voice commands on Android, and even the Apple iPhone 4 voice commands for a year, on a relatively regular basis, Siri really wasn't that special. At least in Canada, since none of the geolocation or service integration stuff works. In terms of accuracy, it's no more accurate than my iPhone 4 or my Transformer. Maybe the experience is far cooler in the U.S. where all the features work.

Anyways, long story short, I discussed that, to which he commented that Siri is really just an added feature, and not even something that Apple really cares about. To which I said, "are you kidding me? Half the commercials for the 4S that I ever see all focus on Siri". To which he responded "the commercials YOU'VE seen". And my answer was "we watch the same stations don't we? What commercials are you seeing that I'm not? I see iPhone 4S commercials probably 10 times a day between 7 and 9 pm, on the days that I actually watch TV, and half of them talk about Siri. So evidently this is important to Apple.

To which his reply is that I'm missing the point, and that Apple is combining things to make a user experience nobody has ever had before. And my reply was that most of this technology has already been there...Android's done commands for years, and the more full integration of Siri was even available for the iPhone 4 until the 4S was announced, and Siri was removed from the App Store etc. etc. Which then led to a discussion of why I was getting down on Apple, and holding them to this standard etc. And I then pointed out that it's not that I'm saying it's not *is*'s that Apple's advertising like they invented all this stuff, and they didn't. His reply was that tens of millions of iPhone purchasers disagree with me, so evidently I'm wrong.

I could have pointed out that McDonalds serves more people than any other restaurant out there....but that doesn't mean they have the best food. But I didn't want to start a fight

Meanwhile, after that, he commented to me that his 1 year old iPhone 4 drops calls, and no longer works as an iPod, as that feature has stopped working. But he was very laissez-faire about it....because, well, it's Apple, and they make cool things, and why would he get angry at them? He'll just go and spend $300 buying a new one as soon as he can get out of his existing plan.

It's a different mentality that I just don't *get*. My iPhone 4 has in the last few months (conveniently right after coming off warranty) started dropping from 3G to Edge spontaneously, dropping calls, occasionally locking up, and getting a tinny buzzing noise through headphones and/or speakers on an intermittent basis. But I'm locked into a 3 year contract. Now I might have to spend money fixing it a year after buying the thing? It's not that other companies don't have problems with their hardware. It's that, with it being on a 3 year term, and costing what....$700 to replace, and being the most expensive smartphone on the market, I expect it to last for the term of my contract. Not for a year. Fun times having a phone that I'm locked into for 2 more years that doesn't work right unless Apple can fix it, or I'm willing to pay $700 to my provider to replace it (since I'm not due for a renewal for another year).

But most of the "Apple fans" I know just ask why I'd get angry, and say I'm being too hard on the company. I work hard for my money. I expect more for it than something that starts breaking down 30% of the way through its lifespan. If my car started breaking down 30% of the way through the life of my financing, I'd never buy from that manufacturer again.

I'm working with an N of 2 however. My wife and I both have iPhone 4's. Hers shattered into a million pieces the first time she dropped it. Luckily, they replaced it due to a service plan. But the replacement is *really* glitchy. Mine started off great, but is no longer nearly as smooth/slick as it was at the beginning. Maybe it's just a fluke, I don't know.


By no means have my other devices been perfect. I've noticed definite imperfections with Android, as much as I love my Transformer....and my Blackberries have had issues at times as well. But it's just felt (to me) like Apple is the one company that I can't even complain about because "it's all about the experience".

As to the complaints about people losing interest in the Transformer because of perceived delays, I think there's a few things going on:

1-People are excited about the product. It looks really slick, and it looks like it improves on pretty much every facet of the 1st gen device.

2-Christmas coming up, and people want the excitement of having it under the tree etc.

3-Lots of rumours, and very little real information about the release date. This is something ASUS really needs to fix. They need to be able to pick a launch date, and then meet it. But that kind of thing is something that isn't unique to ASUS. I notice similar things about many products....but how many people get excited about the launch date of the latest Linksys router or Logitech keyboard, etc.?

I suspect lots of the people who are expressing frustration will eventually end up getting the tablet anyways. They're just venting. What are the alternatives? I've found that if someone likes Apple, they'll get Apple, regardless of how good the competing products can be. They just won't consider anything else. If you want an Android tablet, seems like the Prime is the one to get at this point in time. If it's just as slick as the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but has the ports, and four cores, and is the *same price* then it seems to me like it's no contest.

I'm interested in seeing this thing....I know some friends who plan on getting the prime, having seen how much I like the TF101. Maybe I'll get to play with theirs