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Thread: upgrading from 4.1.1 to 4.2.2 on TF201

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    upgrading from 4.1.1 to 4.2.2 on TF201

    OK. New to modifying Androids,so theres a lot I dont understand as yet.
    I cant seem to find understandable answers to my questions, probably because I dont yet know enough to know what questions I need to ask.
    Keeping in mind I'n relatively new to Android and my main aim atm is to upgrade my stock Asus TF201 from 4.1.1 to 4.2.2 (or at least 4.1.2).
    So, some basic stuff first.
    1. What is Rooting? I keep hearing about this rooting the device, but I'm not sure exactly what that means and if it needs to be done before flashing the ROM to a newer version of the Android OS.
    2. Is there a tutorial or walkthrouigh (youTube or whatever) that takes a novice through from a virgin TF201 + PC to a new version of Andriod.
    3. What roms are available for the TF201? I seem to have bumped into a few, but I cant seem to find a working DL link.
    4, Is the ROM in two parts? Ie the (Factory restore ROM) and then the running OS ROM and a separate area for any pre installed apps? or ???
    5. Exactly how are these devices organised?
    IE, is there a ROM(really a EPROM that holds the "Factory restore") + EPROM(Running OS) + RAM + Vertual SD (32GB normal App+Data space) + Optional External SD
    and if so, what exactly is stored there?
    I used to own a WinCE Smart Phone some time ago, and thats basically how that was organised. This thing has be confused somewhat.
    6. what apps do I need for the PC and for the Tab to upgrade the ROM (or whatever I need to flash to get from 4.1.1 to 4.2.2)?

    Hope that all makes sense to everyone.

    I'm of to do some more reading.
    Thanks... Philip.

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    Hi Philip

    I have given you a full reply in your introduction thread, but should you wish to read more on rooting & the ROMS that are available for the Prime, then you can use the rooting FAQ linked from the Master Help Guide (link in signature) and also browse though the threads in our dedicated Development & ROMs section for the Prime.

    All the best

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    -Rooting is the process of gaining root privileges, or becoming the superuser (admin rights in windows). You don't need to do it before flashing a custom ROM but once you flash a custom ROM you will almost always be rooted as most ROM's include the superuser binary in their builds.
    -This is a good thread on installing TWRP onto the tablet which is the recovery you will use to flash a new rom [How To]TF201 Flash TWRP on Jellybean and Root - xda-developers just make sure you unlock your bootloader prior to flashing any custom recovery or you could end up with a brick.
    -XDA is generally the place to go for anything custom ROM related, development area is here Eee Pad Transformer Prime Android Development - xda-developers
    -The way this works is you have to flash the ROM (firmware) and the gapps package (google non-open source apps). Get windows out of your head, this is based on Linux and is very different but much simpler. Basically when you flash a ROM it does most of the work for you, there are different partitions like the recovery partition, the data partition, the system partition etc, but you won't have to worry about them unless you run into something very out there.
    -The factory restore is kept wherever you want it as when you boot into your recovery the first time you are going to want to make a backup and keep it safe.

    Hope that clears a bit up for you.
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    Thanks guys.
    Makeing my way though the master guide now.
    I was unaware that the Kernel was Linux on Android devices, and I'm a Unix guy from way back.
    Little rusty now, but things are starting to make sense now.
    Seems I have a lot of reading ahead of me, but enjoying gettting back into this sort of thing.
    Rooting - Yes, now that makes sense.

    Again, thanks guys, you've both been a great help - I kinda needed a few basic facts to be able to make sense of what others were saying.
    Amazing how lost you can be without that little bit of foundation knowledge.
    Full steam ahead now.

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