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    [GUIDE] Help! My Transformer TF201 boots only to recovery!!!!

    This is a guide to get you out of a "forced reboot to recovery loop", meaning:
    Whenever you try to boot the tablet it boots directly into your custom recovery. You cannot even boot into the bootloader and fastboot mode. This has worked on the TF201, TF300 and TF700.
    This should also work on the TF701, but that has not been tested yet

    This trick is for this ^^ very specific situation only.

    This trick is NOT for the following scenarios:
    soft-bricking your tablet
    experiencing a bootloop
    experiencing a hung boot
    not being able to boot the ROM
    unrecoverable bootloader error
    482 other scenarios I can't think of right now

    Do I have to mention that I will not be responsible for whatever YOU do to YOUR tablet under any circumstances even when following this guide to the letter????

    How you got into this pickle:
    With a custom recovery installed, you performed a Factory Reset from Settings or used the Wipe Data option in the bootloader.

    Why you are in this pickle:
    You didn't read enough.
    Specifically my Beginners Guide to Flashing and that big fat red warning at the end of it

    A little technical explanation:
    What happens if you use Wipe Data from the bootloader or do a Factory Reset from Settings with a custom recovery installed is this:
    The bootloader writes a command to the misc partition calling the recovery to perform a wipe of /data.
    The bootloader is always stock Asus. The command it issues was written for the stock recovery which performs actions like wiping partitions (among a few other things) on a stock system. The custom recovery you installed doesn't quite "get" this command since it was written for the stock recovery.
    Now every time you boot, the bootloader checks the misc partition (before doing anything else), finds the wipe data command, calls the stock recovery to perform it, your custom recovery starts but doesn't "get" it and just hangs, the wipe data command does not get erased from misc as it would if it was executed, the user reboots......rinse and repeat ad nauseam.

    How you get out of this pickle
    When your tablet is booted to recovery you have ADB access to it from your PC. If you did not set up ADB/fastboot on your PC prior to this, find somebody to give you a good dope-slap then head over here to find instructions: Beginners Guide to Flashing

    • To get your tablet out of the loop you'll need this:
    • Extract the zip and put the bootit.ko into the same folder as your adb.exe
    • With your tablet in recovery connect it to your PC via USB cable, then open a command prompt from within your adb folder and issue this command:

    adb devices
    You should get something like this:
    C:\adb>adb devices
    * daemon nor running. starting it now on port xxxx *
    * daemon started successfully *
    List of devices attached 
    0123456789ABCDEF        recovery
    Then issue the following commands
    adb push bootit.ko /
    adb shell insmod bootit.ko
    The tablet should reboot into the bootloader where you have fastboot access.
    Now issue these commands:
    fastboot devices
    fastboot erase misc
    fastboot reboot
    You should now be able to boot into your ROM normally, boot back into recovery to wipe data, flash a rom - whatever.
    From now on ONLY wipe and format partitions in recovery. Period.

    We have bootit.ko thanks to the genius of @_that, member, developer and genius extraordinaire in the XDA forums.
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    bootit.ko has been used successfully on the TF201, TF300 and TF700. It probably works on the TF701 but that is untested.

    For that reason this guide has been duplicated in the respective device sections.

    It may be a good idea to browse the other threads because the following discussion will be different in each thread.

    TF300 thread:

    TF700 thread: [GUIDE] Help! My Transformer TF700 boots only to recovery!!!!
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