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    Thumbs up Unlock Bootloader "unknown error" problems / boot into recovery problems

    I've read through several other posts on the subject. I'm on TF201 that's on build JRO03C.US_epad- . I've tried using the unlock tool... a lot. Used factory data reset, including the data reset from the boot menu (power + volume down), but it always gives me "An unknown error occurs, which may be a network connection issue. Please try again later" As I've said, I've tried this many different times.

    So I thought... maybe I was successful some time in the past and I've just forgotten about it? (I mean it's been over a year since my last update...) So I tried using adb to install TWRP, using su and dd to copy the TWRP image to /dev/block/mmcblk0p4 . When I do that, it boots, with a blue loading bar, but then just continues to boot. If I try to go through the boot menu to boot into recovery it gives me the dead android with the red triangle. Then I tried Rom Manager with TWRP recovery, and rebooting to recovery through that. Same dead android.

    As a last resort, I spent 45 minutes online with ASUS tech support today to see if there was anything they could do. Their only response was that "the unlock tool only works with 4.0" and that it'd be $324 to RMA it back to 4.0.

    Any other ideas? I have root (via motochopper) and voodoo rootkeeper (to temp unroot). I'm on an ubuntu box, and I couldn't seem to get it to connect to fastboot. The tablet sat with "waiting for connection" and the computer sat with "waiting for device" (or whatever the equivalent phrasing is. The computer doesn't seem to recognize the tablet for the sake of fastboot. It does recognize it when it's booted up via ADB)

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide
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