The RecoverX Project

Currently, the most popular custom recoveries available for rooted Android devices are ClockworkMod, Amon-Ra, xRecovery and TWRP. However, installing these recoveries can be rather complicated on certain devices, especially since they don't always support the same recovery solutions. Enter RecoverX, which gives you a step-by-step guide for finding compatible recoveries for your device and installing them.

Before I go any further: it is not a tool for unlocking bootloaders and rooting your phone - you will have to handle that part yourselves. Nevertheless, it displays which recoveries are available your device and allows you to choose the one you want, after which it installs the recovery for you. RecoverX saves you from worrying about such things as remembering to use the PDA slot in Odin/Heimdall and knowing which adb/fastboot commands you need to use for flashing your recovery. As I said before, though, you'll still need to know the appropriate commands for unlocking bootloaders and rooting, depending on which device you're using.

Supported phones include legacy devices going back as far as the Nexus One, and newer devices up to Samsung's Galaxy S III and HTC's One series. Also included are popularity-challenged bargain bin phones such as the LG Ally and the Motorola Backflip. Supported tablets run the gamut from the original Samsung Galaxy Tab to the Asus Transformer Prime and the Nexus 7.

As of this writing, RecoverX supports ClockworkMod, ClockworkMod Touch, Amon-Ra and xRecovery, but the developer said on November 11 that he is working on adding TWRP to the list. The list of supported devices is below, courtesy of the developer's XDA thread: