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    Case Review - Bobjgear Silicone Case for TF201

    After having dropped and shattered the screens on a TF101 and 2 TF201s I am now on my 4th Transformer. I was offered to use a pre-production version of his case so am reviewing it. The final version is currently in transit and will be available soon for order from Amazon according to the website ( I had used several different covers/cases in the past; including the origami cover from Asus, the Poetic leather case with stand, the MoKo slim-fit folio case, and the rooCase Dual-View Multi Angle case. Twice on the drops my TF was in one of the cases when they broke. I considered buying a Gumdrop case however I use my keyboard dock about half the time I use the tablet. The gumdrop case seems to render this practically obsolete with the amount of time I’d spend removing the case and putting it back on.

    The bobjgear case comes about as close to what I’ve wanted from a case so far. It is heavy duty silicone, and considerably better than the other thin silicone cases I’ve seen on Amazon and whatnot. The silicone is non-slick and provides a nice tactile surface. It is simple to clean, and doesn’t attract dirt or dust the way rubber sometimes does. The edges are raised above the face of the tab, and the thickness of the edges allow the tab to land on a surface face down and not touch the surface. There are raised “feet” on the backside that keep the full back of it off of surfaces. The cutouts are well placed and everything (except the two holes for the dock locks) is easily accessible from the volume rocker to the power port to the camera flash and microphone. It also limits the issue I was running into (as well as others here) of accidentally ejecting MicroSD cards since the case is thick enough my fingers/hand do not brush up against the card and eject it. There are slots cut into the back that your hand can go into allowing it stay on. The slots can also be used to secure with a stand (sold separately). Using it with the dock is simple. There are small crescents cut out of the case about 2/3 of the way down the front that allow it to flex backward after removing only the bottom portion of the case to dock (a couple of seconds to pull it back), while the top of the case stays securely on. When flexed backwards it acts to support the weight of the tab in the dock. So you can use the full range of angles on your dock hinge without the tab falling over backwards.

    Beyond all that I it’s now protected my tab from two falls with no damage at all to the tab and only slight scuffs to the case (dropped on hardwood floor once and concrete the second time where it marred the case a bit on the corner and side where it hit). That’s my anecdotal tale however and no guarantee made about the level of protection anyone else may experience.

    Some cons: The tablet is heavier with the case on. Very simply, cases add weight. I haven’t really noticed it, but my 4yo daughter did complain a bit at first when she was handling it. It also adds thickness, as do most cases. Again not an issue for me, but I know a reason many here purchased the TF201 was at least partially for the aesthetic (slim and sexy tablet that it is). Since 2 of the 3 previous tabs I broke were in cases I went naked for a while since I too appreciate the beauty of the Prime. However my job just pulls me into environments where tablet danger constantly presents itself and I really do need a case. The last con I could see is that it obviously offers no protection for the dock, but that is something I don’t mind sacrificing since the dock can take some bumps and bruises without affecting the functionality or usability of it and ultimately is cheaper to replace if needed. Mine is currently scratched up like crazy on the base as well as a large dent (who would’ve thought aluminum would dent?) on the bottom directly below where the up arrow key is on the top. Still works like a charm though.

    I’ve used this case for about 3 weeks now and have not yet found the need to take it off other than to clean it or the tablet. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something similar. If anyone has any questions I'm happy to answer if I can.
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    Are you also using the screen protection?



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