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    Review of Tuff-Luv's Natural Hemp Book Style case & stand for Asus Transformer Prime

    I received this just the day before yesterday. Although I ordered it from Tuff-Luv's UK site, it's now offered on Amazon in the US (and the total price is almost identical either way, about $75 plus shipping):Tuff-Luv Natural Hemp Book Style case & stand for Asus Transformer Prime

    This'll be a quick review. There are photos on the Amazon listing I've linked to above so you can get a sense of how it all fits together. It appears to be very similar in arrangement to the Tuff-Luv case for the original Transformer.

    First of all, if you're looking for a purely non-leather case (as I was), this isn't exactly it. Although the exterior of the case is a very thick, gorgeous, dark brown hemp fabric, there's also a lot of leather inside: accents, holders for pens, micro SD cards, business cards, hinges, the edges of the sleeve that the tablet slips into, and the corners that hold the dock in place. The leather feels fairly soft and thin, but I don't think anything's about to give out any time soon.

    The tablet slides into the sleeve and is held there with a small velcro'd leather strap. Openings along the edges allow access to every single port and button, and there's a cutout, reinforced by a small metal screen, over the tablet's speaker. Almost the whole bottom edge of the tablet is it needs to be if you're going to carry the dock. The cutouts for the cameras are reasonably well-placed; in general use, I've found that the tablet doesn't need adjusting for using the back camera, and sometimes just a very slight adjustment for the front camera. Unfortunately, though, if you're using the back camera, there's no easy way to deal with the case's cover; you either have to hold it up out of the way, or let it fold over onto the front of the tablet. Basically, if you're going to use the back camera for any length of time, you're best off taking the tablet out of the case. This is, as far as I've discovered, the case's one major drawback.

    At first, I was confused, because I could find no way to attach the dock and its separate "sleeve" (it's not really a sleeve; the dock is only held in place along one edge) and still have the entire package close. There are no instructions included with the case, so I had to figure it out for myself, and perhaps if this wasn't the first tablet I've ever owned, I would've already known this: if you want to carry the dock along with the tablet, they need to be connected.

    On the back of the tablet's sleeve is a fold-out stand that, when not in use, attaches (relatively) flat against the case with a couple of snaps. The flap on the dock's sleeve has snaps on one side and snap receptacles on the other, so that when the dock is added, its sleeve snaps into the tablet's sleeve and the fold-out stand snaps into THAT. It's a smart, simple arrangement.

    In summary, while this is a pricey case, it does just about everything I'd like it to do. All it really needs is a way to use the back camera more conveniently while in the case -- and I sort of wish the dock would just fit in a sleeve somewhere rather than *have* to remain connected. I'm guessing some users won't see any great disadvantage in that requirement arrangement, though.

    Happy to answer any questions!


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    Moved to Accessories Forum

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    My apologies, I thought that's where I was posting it.



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