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Thread: Zombi-Pop for 701 coming!

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    OK, B4 set up and running. First impressions: I like! I have no benchmarks of course (I don't believe in benchmarks) but it has a lighter, quicker feel for me. As if it didn't have to work as hard as the previous versions to get the same job done.

    Without a controlled test, I can't tell about the dock SD reader either, but it does seem more stable than before. I had a couple cards that just wouldn't mount--but I couldn't mount them with my PC either! I think their filesystems got scrambled the last time I tried them. Anyway at least one of them got fixed by gparted's repair function in the PC, and would then mount in the 701's dock.

    Battery life seems unchanged. I haven't had time to play games for a few hours yet, but it looks like that's what it would do.

    The dock battery icon works, but takes some getting used to. It looks exactly the same as the tablet's battery icon, so you need to memorize which is which, and it does not go away when the tablet is not docked; it just turns red and reads 0%. At least that makes it easy to tell them apart. But it's one whole lot better than no dock battery icon.

    I have to wonder if the dock patch (separate .zip to flash) has more to it than the battery icon. Maybe that's why my SD card reader works better? The download is 18MB which seems like a lot for a battery icon. I like the idea of the separate .zip to flash, though; those who don't have a dock, or use it very little, don't need the baggage.

    So far I haven't had any stability problems, and of course the 701 is faster than the average bear. It's too bad about the bootloader being incompatible with f2fs, because I'm sure this tab would outrun anything around otherwise. So listen to me complaining about this gift! What an ungrateful so-and-so!

    Oh yes, forgot to mention. For the first time, everything related to the install went smooth as silk. TWRP booted up with touch drivers and battery percentage, shot a nandroid, formatted /data (I remembered to wipe Dalvik first), Aroma installer worked perfectly, rebooted fine, only took the expected 5 minutes or so to boot. And an hour or so later TWRP worked fine again to shoot another nandroid. Finally the tablet I thought I was buying!
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