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    Asus TF701T fast battery drain when playing games.

    I bought a new Asus TF701T but I am experiencing alarmingly fast battery drain. When my son plays My Singing Monster's game the tablet battery drains from full to low in about 2 hours! One of the reasons I chose this tablet was it's supposed longer than average battery runtimes but it appears to drain faster than my Blackberry Playbook when playing games! My battery settings were at set at optimized when the 2 hour drain occurred and the tablet got alarmingly warm /hot to the touch at the back of the tablet. Tablet gets warm or hot during game play but not while browsing the web. DO I have a defective tablet or what are your average runtimes when playing games with WiFi on?

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    On the surface of it... Sounds like you have a defective battery!!

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    It could be that that particular game is not well optimized and is running the cpu and GPU at full force. I think it is normal for it to get warm during very heavy use. You may want to look into a model with a more efficient chip set.
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