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    Unable to Connect TF701T to My Laptop - USB connection never sees the tablet

    Hello All,

    I am trying to copy over movie files my laptop to my Asus TF701T. I connect the tablet via the USB cable and was able to transfer 1 movie file. When I re-connected the tablet to the Laptop nothing happens. At all. The laptop never sees the Tablet.

    - I tried all the USB ports. Nothing
    - I tired every possible combination of restarting the tablet and the laptop (connected, not connected, one on the other off, etc.)
    - I tried uninstalling my USB host controllers. Still nothing.

    I am running Window 7 Home Premium.
    Service Pack 1
    64 bit

    Please, any help would be very much appreciated.


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    Welcome to the forum

    Some people have never been able to get their tablets connected and the list of reason why not are varied and long. However, in my sig is a link to a thread with tons of suggestions for transferring files, but the simplest one would be by way of an SD card. None of my suggestions require a direct connection.

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    Leeshor is right. Copying large files in MTP is painfully slow anyway. If you timed it, I bet copying the file to a fast microSD is a lot faster - even if you copy it again to internal.
    Windows is terrible in handling drivers. Connect your tablet via USB and uninstall the drivers in Device Manager. Then install the Asus sync software.
    Good luck



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