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    Exclamation Tablet Not Charging!

    So I just got my tablet a week ago, and this problem just started occurring. When I plug in my charger to the wall outlet and connect it to the tablet the light does not come on. It also does not show that charger symbol in the upper right hand corner. Even though these two things happen it charges only when I'm not using it, so basically when it is off. It takes more than 10 hours to charge it to 100%, and when I see if the charger seems hot at all it is not generating any heat. I looked around and followed the advice of the tf700 solutions but no luck. I tried plugging it into every wall outlet and power strip I had, also plugged it into my computer and xbox 360 (just to see if it magically worked) but still no luck. This is frustrating because I bought this to use in my classes for college instead of using paper. I can't go anywhere to get it checked since my college is in the middle of nowhere with no technology stores in sight. Please help!

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    There's either something wrong with the charger or with the tablet, or possibly with the cable that connects the two. In order to find out, you would need to try a different charger or cable, or try your charger and cable on a different tablet. Assuming you can't find any of those, you'll need to talk to Asus.



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