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Thread: TF303CL - Firmware Update

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    TF303CL - Firmware Update

    Hi all!
    I'm a new member and i have a problem!

    I actually have this software version:

    android@Saggitarius #1
    Tue Jul 15 22:55:14 CST 2014

    KOT49H.WW_epad- release keys

    I would like to update the firmware with the last one released by Asus (UL-K014-WW-

    OTA doesn't work. Because if i check for new updates, it doesn't match any result.

    So i proceed by the manual mode.
    I downloaded the file from asus support, i copied it into the root (practically, at the same level of the dir "DCIM"), i started the AIRPLANE MODE and i rebooted.
    Nothing happened.

    So i tried to do the update by droidboot
    - Power off the terminal
    - VOL.UP + START

    And a this point starts the problem:
    The window of droidboot is this one:
    Attachment 8436

    But in the bottom, there are a lot of "warning" and i cant understand what do they mean and how to solve them!
    Attachment 8437

    Anyway, if i choose RECOVERY, it reboots and enters in some update mode. But suddenly, after seeing the robot, it shows an error message. Images are better then words:
    Attachment 8438
    Attachment 8439

    Please, can someone give me a hand?

    Thank you a lot!!


    Ps: sorry for the terrible photos!

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    Don't think my Spanish is up to deciphering your photos. But the dead Android is simply the stock recovery reporting that it has nothing it is allowed to do. It may not have found the update file, or it may not think it is good. I'm not sure if Asus is doing this for the newer tabs or not, but they used to zip their updates twice. Try unzipping the file, see if you don't still have a .zip. If you do try again with the once-unzipped file. If that doesn't work, try one of the renaming conventions. Look in the Master Help Guide (from my signature).
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    Master Help Guide--guide to help from the masters:

    T100 Master Help Guide:Caster's comprehensive guide to comprehending the T100

    TF100 FAQ--Frequently Asked Questions about the TF100:

    What Got Me In to All This Trouble--Linux live CD with ADB & Fastboot:

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    Don't put the file here: /sdcard/
    Put it here: /

    Then try it.

    Thread moved from TF300 section to the TF303 sub-forum.
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    Thank you for the suggestion, but how can i put the file into "/" ?
    I'm using ES Explorer but i'm not able to copy or cut or move the file from "/sdcard/" to "/"



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