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    Is there a way to add Wallpapers to CROMI-X?

    Going through CROMI-X for the first time and through the Settings > Display option, there is only one wallpaper listed. (For some reason, I can scroll around, but if I try to set one of the blank entries, it quits to the Home screen saying something has stopped.)

    Is there a way to populate the wallpaper app or do I have to change wallpapers with Gallery and crop images instead? (And cropping is very odd; a cross appears to crop the image and doesn't leave anything in the Wallpaper folder.)

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    Hi rt1999. I had to pull out my tablet running Cromi to understand what you were asking. If I understand correctly you are going into the display section of "Settings" and selecting home screen background (you can also do this by long pressing on the home screen itself) Then you say that only one of the default wallpapers in available for you to use? You can try to reflash the ROM (with no wipes no data is lost) and see if that helps

    You don't have to use the default wallpapers at all. you can download apps that let you choose them or download images from the web.
    The strange cropping behavior with the cross shows what will be visible on a single home screen (in both landscape and portrait orientation, hence the cross-like frame) The entire image will be displayed across multiple homescreens (eg. if you have 5 home screens you swipe through all of them to see the whole image)

    Hope this helps you to understand the process, and I hope that a re flash (remember dont wipe anything!) will solve your first problem
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    Also, there are any number of wallpapers, live and still, in Play Store. But what else might be missing from the ROM?

    Edit: I just fired up my 700 running CROMi-X, went to settings>Display>Wallpaper>Home Screen and sure enough, under Wallpapers in the "choose wallpaper from" dialog, there is only one. Scrolling sideways shows some blanks, I presume sdbags simply deleted some files in order to save space. So there is nothing wrong with your ROM, if you want more wallpapers you will simply have to add them, by whatever method you like.
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