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Yes, beta 3 is probably the best rom ever on the TF700. It's the first time I find myself grabbing the TF700 rather than the TF701 when I want to get something done on the tablet.
One addition to Kevinthefixer's excellent description:
For a recovery I would highly recommend lj50036's kang version of TWRP 2.8.6
[RECOVERY] KANG TWRP TF700T 2.8.x.x@AREA51 J… | Asus Transformer TF700 | XDA Forums
It adds support for external partitions and the dock SD!
Meaning, if you are running data2sd or rom2sd with his recovery you can format/convert/backup/restore your external partitions the same way TWRP now works on internal partitions. You do not need to flash data2sd1.zip/rom2sd1.zip anymore. And you can backup/format/restore your dock SD from within TWRP. How cool is that?

I expect we will get a lot of basic questions now on how to go about converting data to f2fs, so I wrote a quick guide on that this morning on XDA. Find it here:
[GUIDE] Convert /data to f2fs with TWRP 2.8.… | Asus Transformer TF700 | XDA Forums
Remember though: If you convert /data to f2fs you pretty much commit to running a rom with a kernel that supports f2fs - and not many do. You can always reformat to ext4 but that is a much lengthier process than the other way around.

Edit: Ha! I knew it! Beta 4 is out with most of the bugs described in the OP fixed. AFAIK the Grimlock kernel is still not working - stick with _that or omni
Using the Grimlock kernel, wi-fi "works" but doesn't connect to the "outside".