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    TF700T Device root USB problem

    Hello everyone, thank you for your attention.

    As you already know I got TF700t and everyone knows that this device is slow if it's not rooted. So the problem is that my usb cable broke and I first bought cheap chinese cable but when I connected it to the pc something happend. It was working fine just to unlock my device. But now when I try to connect it to the PC , the only thing that is happening is tf700t display turns ON. So I went to the shop and bought better cable but it's the same thing. And now I can't root my tablet. I tried with APK roots but they don't work on my tablet. So if you can help me somehow.

    Thank you !

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    Search Droidbound's posts or Google for towelroot_v1, he says it works and I don't know anyone who would know better than he. But you need to fix your connectivity issues. The 700 boots when connected to charger or USB so that part is good. Does it boot completely? What kind of PC, and how old? Make sure you're in a USB2 port not USB3. What Windows do you have? Did you try Linux? Windows is infamous for driver problems with adb and fastboot. You may also need to disable your antivirus. If you are in Android system, can you transfer files? Have you installed TWRP yet? There is no evidence that a cheap Chinese cable is any worse than an expensive Chinese cable, and you just can't get any other kind, noone else is making them.

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    Try one thing first. In the start menu find the shortcut for Devices and Printers and see if anything shows up when you plug in. Sometimes nothing will happen if you have incorrect drivers installed and Windows doesn't know to replace them.
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