After many months of not using my TF700T I finally got round to fully charging it. Must be something to do with the Lockdown we have in the UK! I haven't been using it because of ghost touches (I had enabled 'Show touches' in developer options) and there was always a blur of an inch and a half vertically above the quick settings/notifications bar, just in from the edge of the screen. These touches were always in the same area no matter how much I rotated the screen. Every time I opened an app or settings or tried to shutdown the tablet they (the ghosts) would steal my inputs whether from touch, stylus or keyboard. This made trying to shutdown a 5 to 10 minute affair. I was about to junk it.

Well whilst rotating the tablet I noticed that the speaker grill, on the back, was almost exactly where the band of ghost touches were occuring.

On a whim, I took down my trusty can of Air Duster, that I use for leaning keyboards, etc.

Three healthy blasts (and a bit of frosting) around the speaker grill, and Lo and Behold the ghosts were exorcised (for good I hope).

At least I can type on my beauty again - as proved by this post.

Next job now that it is useable is to replace the keyboard battery TF201 that I ordered about a year ago!

Hope this helps somebody(s) else.

Disclosure: I admit that I am a cigar smoker