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    Thumbs up New (to me) TF700T will not recogonize ANY external storage

    I got this off eBay and I thought all was well, but then I tried to use microSD, SD, and USB. None of them will read. I had (haven't sold it yet) a TF101 so I know how this is supposed to work. But I get no sign of recognition on the status bar, nor in Settings | Storage. There's no option to Mount or Unmount storage. I've tried 2 different microSD cards.

    This is very upsetting as I backed up data from the TF101 to USB and SD.

    Good thing I haven't sold it yet.

    Any help?


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    Welcome to the forum Gabinka...

    File a dispute with Ebay. You were probably sold a lemon? That's my guess...

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    Good job backing stuff up (Twice!). Did you try a factory reset? Sometimes it will cure oddball problems like this.

    Is your TF700 unlocked? It will tell you so in tiny fonts in the upper left of the screen on every boot if it is. If not you are safe to do a reset from Settings>Backup & Reset (IIRC). If it is unlocked then reset from your recovery only. Guides & step-bys in the Master Help Guide linked in my sig.

    How are you trying to access USB? Do you have the dock, or are you using an adapter in the data port? I ask because recently there have been problems with the aftermarket adapters. Stick with one that says Asus on it. AFAIK Asus makes the only keyboard dock available for any of the TFs.

    Did you try to access the microSD with the tablet out of the dock as well as in? And have you tried removing and replacing it? All it takes is one speck of dust to interfere with the contacts to bork any memory card.

    Are you still on stock firmware? (You are if you are still locked, you must be unlocked to install custom ROMs and recoveries). If we can find a software bug causing this, we can probably fix it. If you have a hardware problem then @Swipe's suggestion is your only recourse.
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    If there is a hardware issue, then resolution depends upon who you bought from & their description & returns statement. But if all the standard options don't work, then I agree - file a dispute.

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