When I got my tf700t a few months ago it was on 4.04. I unlocked the bootloader using the asus tool, rooted it(can't rememberr what tool I used it was awhile ago) then installed the trwp recovery. When the jellybean update came out I downloaded it from the asus site, unzipped it, dropped it on my sdcard, updated. A couple weeks ago the os started getting buggy so I booted with the vol down and power button and selected wipe, it crashed, and wouldn't do anything but boot into recovery from there.

So my transformer infinity has been bricked for a couple weeks now. Every time I power on my tablet it goes right into twrp recovery. As far as I can tell the recovery can't access anything but the ram disc so I'm unable to flash anything. I also can't get into fastboot mode to flash anything from there. I never backed anything up w/ NVFlash either. I've tried everything I could find on these forums as well as a few other forums and I'm getting nowhere.

Here are a couple threads that relate to this problem:



I would really appreciate any help that anyone could offer.