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    In Need Of Some Help:

    I'm in need of some help with my TF700T. I broke my touch glass about two years ago and just now getting around to trying to fix it. Why so long you may ask, well a lot of medical issues.
    I replaced the screen and got it back up but the touch screen was VERY SLOW tor respond to the touch or I had to touch it server times to get it to respond.
    I tried to reconnect the cables and now all it does when I try to boot it, it just buzzes twice but no display.
    Question: Will parts from one TF700T work on another?
    I really need your help.
    I hope I explained it well enough, if not let me know and I'll try again.
    Thank You:

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    I'd open it up again and reseat the cables, you had an obvious cause-and-effect there. Try to keep the dust out, maybe use a can of compressed air.

    Generally speaking if the touchscreen works at all the hardware is OK. The TF700 is known for slowing down over time. The cure is to unlock it and install a custom ROM. But that is a total waste if the screen won't work.

    There is no sure way to tell beforehand if a screen from one 700 will work on another. Asus doesn't share that sort of info.

    You might try plugging the HDMI port into a TV or monitor. That will at least tell you if the tablet is booting at all. I suspect it is, and you didn't get one of the ribbon cables in right. We hope no more damage was done...
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