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I strongly recommend using Balanced mode. I checked on the stock ROM on Galaxy S3 Neo and Cyanogenmod one. "Balanced" is the only one NORMAL cpu mode. Stock roms are using this mode That balances each of the cpus and activates one of them in need. In Performance mode, all cores are activated and using MAX FREQUENCIES. That's bad for your CPU's life, same as battery. And when in Performance, your device can cause conflicts and reboots...
Hmmm, it may not be the case. If it is an Asus stock ROM, it uses interactive governor and ROW scheduler as a default which means the governor is controlling the frequencies depending on the loads and the ROW scheduler is controlling the R/W throughput. So the frequency for the performance mode is dynamic depending on load. It will go to max when it needs to and go to idle when there is nothing to do and go to deep sleep with a 0MHz for a certain period of time. In short, it is only consuming more battery when you are actively using your device in the performance mode because it is running in a faster frequencies.

About the active CPUs, how many CPUs are actively online which is depended on the setting of how many threads are running in the background before the next CPU is needed. Actually, you can set that variable on the custom ROM. I believed that the default setting for the threads are 5, 9, 13, max for all four CPUs......

I hope that this will clarify some of the confusions on this topic.