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    TF700T, build number CROMI Xenogenesis 5.4 - US DEODEX

    Hello folks,

    Brand new to these forums, as I just picked up a TF700T in an estate sale. They didn't even try to wipe it, so it's still got all the original user data on it. I want to be responsible and do a factory reset to get rid of everything that's none of my business, but when I looked at the Settings, saw that it's using the CROMI X as mentioned in the title.

    I did a search in the forum and read this: Beginners Guide to flashing a custom ROM on TF700T resulting in an immediate stress headache.

    The one thing I came away with is that a factory reset cannot be done if it's not using the original software. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can take this back to basics and maybe update it to a new Android OS? I'm a newbie, and not adept at programming or any Android fixes, so simple is best and greatly appreciated.

    I only spent $25 on this baby, so I would normally donate it if it's over my head, but it's got a lot of personal stuff on here that I wouldn't feel right about exposing.

    Thanks for any thoughts!


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    Please post in the correct section. Moved to Development

    The guide you have read is exactly what you will need to do in order to achieve what you have asked. There isn't a simpler, easier way - or a simpler, easier guide for that matter.

    PLEASE Search for existing threads before posting a new one. Thanks.

    Your opinion matters. But should you disagree - please try not to be disagreeable

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    If you just read the part about booting into recovery, you can safely do a factory reset from there. Kudos for not just jumping in and trying it from Settings! But if you have a custom recovery, and you must if you have CROMi-X, installing a newer ROM is a piece of cake. The difficult part is unlocking and flashing the recovery. First thing I'd do is find out what recovery you do have, and which version, and also check the bootloader version. Chances are it's the latest bootloader, but it's easy to make sure.
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    I'm also truly impressed that this thread is not about a bricked tablet that only boots to recovery. You should put that on your resume @unipenguin!
    I would hire you sight unseen and no matter your skill set.

    Follow the guide step by step. It's only overwhelming if you try to take it in all at once.
    Ask here when you get stuck



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