I have been working non stop to fix my tf700's out-of-the-box sluggishness which, as most of you know, was basically unusable. I have tried every ROM out there and recently found what I thought to be perfection in KatshMallow (KatKiss for 6.0 by developer TimDuru), that is until I started running my high-graphics/animations games... i.e. Order and Chaos 2. Even 8 Ball Pool is laggy. It didn't use to be with other ROMS, but those ROMS had so many other issues for me that I had to keep trying others. OC2 is so slow that my character can barely move, no matter what game display settings I choose. Now, Pokemon GO only works until I click 'okay' to confirm that I will pay attention to my surroundings (before you are able to play the game). When I do that, the app just closes out. Every time As it exits to the home screen, I see that my RAM usage is suddenly through the roof, leading me to believe that I have simply run out of the RAM required to play that game. I've tried everything. Uninstalling apps, freezing apps, optimizing kernel, startup, etc. settings, restarts, cold boots, Dalvik wipes, factory resets... I've gone nuts here thinking my tablet is as optimized as it can even be. But I am no expert, and only know what forums have taught me through continuous Google-age. So what I'd really like to know is, what am I missing? What have I not optimized or changed that could be causing this? I'm sorry if this posting is misplaced, I've never actually posted in these forums before. I'm just desperate.

Thank you SO much in advance for any help you guys can send my way!

POLL for my benefit: Does anyone else still experience this with an 'optimized' TF700? What about with KatshMallow specifically?