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Thread: Bricked device?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevinthefixer View Post
    Yikes! On a 701?

    [GUIDE] Help! My Transformer TF700 boots only to recovery!!!!

    Here is @Droidbound's guide, but it was developed for the TF700 and 300, PROBABLY will not work with the 701, hardware is too different. BUT why not try? Nothing to lose at this point.

    @DB, any thoughts?
    "Nothing to loose at this point" is exactly right. I do not know of any other method to recover from this situation, so for all intents and purposes the tablet is a brick.
    bootit.ko injects a kernel module into the kernel to kick it past the "call recovery to perform wipe" command. As I stated in the thread you linked to, I do not know of anyone who used it on a TF701, but as far as I know the partition layout on the TF701 is still identical to earlier Transformers. mmcblk0p3 is misc, mmcblk0p4 is staging, mmcblk0p8 is data and so on. So it "could" work....
    But bootit.ko requires adb access in recovery and a working system (before the stuck boot). If he/she wiped /system just before this happened, it probably won't work.
    I would try it before I buy a new mainboard. But that's me.....
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    Just did a quick check. You can buy a used TF701 on Amazon for a little over US$200. So unless you are emotionally attached to your brick, it is not worth putting a new mobo in it. Too often the case.
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    Sounds like sonicthoughts has a motherboard. Here is a guide to disassembling the T700. The T701 should be more or less identical. There are steps which show the Motherboard.... so that may be of some help if sonicthoughts was going to attempt the swap.
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