Just in case anyone else wanted to try this out I listed the steps below. It took about 2 hours of going through links to finally get the necessary steps and files working... figured I would save the next guy the headache:

  1. Rooted today using method created by XDA member sparkym3 (link). This worked BUT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER - DON'T JUMP AHEAD! Also - instead of double-clicking on the .bat file you should open a cmd window and navigate to the .bat file. Otherwise you may have difficulties.
  2. Installed CIFsManager (to mount cifs (windows) shares in the filesystem) using method created by XDA member f3d0r (link). Basically, if you have a windows server on your network and you want to mount specific shares (you will need appropriate windows ID and PW) this app will do so and make them appear at hard mounts in the filesystem. Awesome app.
  3. Added support libs cifs.ko and md4.ko (required to mount cifs (windows) shares in the filesystem via CifsManager) using files shared by XDA member Einride (link). The ASUS Infinity (and Prime from what I gather) did not ship with the modules needed by Cifsmanager to complete the share mounts. You will need these in the /system/lib/modules path.
  4. Used sManager to init/run md4.ko on boot. (link). This needs to be done otherwise you will need to manually insmod md4.ko each time you restart your tablet. You can use alternate methods for this such as Init.d but it is a bit more complex.

At this point I still have to go into Cifsmanager to mount the shares - they don't mount automatically (yet ).